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We truly wish to help you to create as clear and wholesome a home environment as is possible in a polluted world. Together, let us co-create your wholesome haven!

We give as we go, take many extra steps to protect your privacy, will never sell your information, and have a philosophy in our work. Read more about us.

We proudly feature the cutting-edge Austin Air purifiers, lab certified to  adsorb 300+ contaminants up to 99.97%, and 95% of the coronavirus while purifying up to 1500 sq ft. Plus, Austin Air guarantees the units can be run 24-7 for five years! 5 year warranty! Berkey Water Filters are lab certified to purify 200+ contaminants up to 99.99%, require no hookups, travel easily! Please scroll down to see images.

Harvard & world wide scientists agree: Air pollution increases susceptibility to COVID 19

The CDC reported in May 2021, HEPA filters reduce classroom coronavirus incidents 48%!

Save the bees! Our "excellent article" was praised by the MIT's senior research scientist!

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