Living in Harmony

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with the Environment

 Feng Shui Wheel

We truly wish to help you to have a peaceful, Feng Shui* home, with the aim of creating as clear and wholesome a home environment as is possible in a polluted world.


*The Chinese words "feng" and "shui" translate to mean “wind” and “water," respectively. This concept is derived from an ancient poem about human life being connected and flowing with the environment.

We pride ourselves in our philosophy:

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    We will only sell what we truly believe in (as distinct from “sales pitching” for-profit only).

    Based on personal experience and years of reading, we carefully and judiciously select products reducing chemicals in the air, water, and home environment, in impressively high percentages for each chemical, metal, microbes, and other contaminants, as well as long in numbers.

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    We are an ethical business.

    We are consultants, not just salespeople. We are motivated based on personal experience, and genuinely are interested to help people. We will never sell your name, your address, or any personal information to anybody. Period! Plus, we have taken many extra steps to protect your privacy.

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    One hand washes another.

    We are people, not just corporate entities. We network with others. We gladly refer you to other environmentally responsible sources carrying different products from our own.

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    We hope our website proves to be an interesting educational resource.

    We link many scientific studies and articles by authoritative sources, finding them fascinating, ourselves. Feel free to stop by and read, as much as you like!

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    We give as we go. We believe that life has a purpose, and we want to help others.

    Based on 1% of Austin Air purifiers we sell, we will donate one high-end air purifier to a nonprofit serving needy families in the fire-ravaged state of California, for a family or individual in need. We want those who can’t otherwise afford it, to have the very important opportunity of our product support during the California fire periods. You can purchase from us, with the confidence that the proceeds will be cumulatively counted toward that donation. And when selling in bulk to schools, while offering bulk discounts plus free shipping, we still donate one air purifier based on (in this case, 0.5%) of the high-end units that we sell! Win-win for all! We like that model, it gives us pleasure.

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    Bonus Resources

    Based on sales, books about reducing toxins for healthy gardening soil, and other eco-friendly topics, will be donated as a bonus, particularly to schools where the word will spread widely.

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    Last and not least of all, we dedicate our site, and our services, to the heartfelt support of your wholesome haven and your positive experience. Please stay in touch with us, and thank you for choosing our services!

With best wishes and cheers! A santé! To your good health!

The owners of Crystalline Home Environment