Why purchase Berkey Water Filters?

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Berkey’s quality is excellent, and we are happy to offer you their products!

We really like the Berkey filter, having used it ourselves (we can only sell products which we have used and believe in!) and find that the water tastes very pure and clear, compared to another filter we had which like the Berkey, also removes high levels of contaminants, yet unlike the Berkey, left a bit of an aftertaste.

Prior to establishing Crystalline Home Environment, we sought further, and were very pleased with what the Berkey did for our water, which tastes sparkling clear! We also like that the Berkey filters copper out of the water, of which many household plumbing pipes are made. Reviews on websites are consistently full of praise, with good reason.

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    Going camping? Got wildfires, evacuation?

    Just grab your Berkey water filter and run! You can also pack your Berkey filter in the trunk.

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    The Berkey Travel Filter even fits into many suitcases! Because the Berkey filter works by gravity and gentle drip action, with no need to hook it up to the sink or any plumbing, you can just pick it up and travel instantly.

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    Looking to filter your shower water?

    Enjoy peace of mind as you affix your Berkey shower filter, inhale less chlorine and absorb less through your highly absorptive skin. In your home drinking units, you may also elect to use a Berkey fluoride filter along with your Berkey black water filters.

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    Going backpacking?

    Take your GO Berkey Kit with you, including a 14-inch filtering canister and hand pump that easily fit into your backpack, yet offers excellent filtering benefits, as confirmed by laboratory testing.

    Even easier: Take the compact Sport Berkey in your backpack!

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    Living off the grid?

    Berkey offers many sizes for their drinking water units, some larger and others for compact spaces. Tada! Living made simple! 

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    Do you have a fancy, upscale home?

    Sit down, make yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or fresh-squeezed lemonade: The Berkey looks inviting when perched on a decorative pedestal, almost as if beckoning: “Sit down, relax, and enjoy!” And the water tastes good, so you will want to drink it ongoing!

Made of lead-free 304 AISI Stainless Steel, or of clear BPA-free plastic. See owner’s manual.

Berkey Water Filter FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Based on our own journey, we genuinely wish to help others and are very particular about the quality of products which we sell on our site. The Berkey water filters are tested by EPA-accredited laboratories, exceeding the rigorous NSF standards. 

Thanks to drip action through coconut shell carbon plus five additional layers of filtering materials, the water is purified very thoroughly, one drop at a time: We like that! These bacteriostatic filters are certified to purify a long list of more than 200 contaminants up to 99.99%, including heavy metals (lead and mercury exceeding 99.99% removal), water-born pharmaceutical drugs (95% - 99.9%), glyphosate, bacteria at a rate of 99.9999999%, viruses filtered at a rate of 99.999%, parasites, and cysts. Compare that to official regulations, defining a water purification system as one which filters bacteria at a rate of 99.9999%, and viruses by 99.99%: We think Berkey’s performance is impressive! The Berkey enjoys the honorable classification as a water purifier, not just a water filter while exceeding regulatory standards for purifiers!

We strive to be part of the solution. For fire periods, we recommend the Travel Berkey, which can quench the thirst of up to six people in an emergency situation. Consider an additional purchase of one GO Berkey Kit for each family member, to augment water supply while each person has independence from the main filter unit. If children are back to in-person school, we recommend packing the GO Berkey in their backpack, in case of an emergency of any kind. Take your own to work with you, for the same reason. Again it’s wise to be prepared, then leave worry behind.

Each filter treats up to 3,000 gallons. This means that every unit using two filters can be used for up to 6,000 gallons, under ordinary conditions! This is pretty incredible! Just keep the water level topped off, and clean the filters (as instructed in the owner's manual) every six months, avoid filtering salt or softened water, and voila! A long-lasting unit with very clear-tasting water. No need for frequent filter changes, save your money!

Money-back guarantee trial period, thirty days with special instructions. The metal housing unit is warrantied for a lifetime! The spigot and other parts are warrantied free of defects for six months, and the filters are warrantied to be free of manufacturers’ defects pro-rated in six-month intervals over a two-year period. Read more in Berkey’s own words, here.

Please note: 

Due to various regulations, Berkey filters can not be shipped to Iowa, and California has limits (but good enough selection to be very helpful for fire periods and for living quietly at home). The Berkey models available in California are the Sport Berkey, Go Berkey, Travel Berkey, Berkey Light (With or without LED lights), Black Berkey Filter Elements, PF-2™ Fluoride Filters, and their various replacement parts. This still gives Californians plenty of choices. For fire periods, we recommend the Travel Berkey, which can quench the thirst of up to six people in an emergency situation. Consider an additional purchase of one Go Berkey kit for each family member, to augment water supply while each person has independence from the main filter unit.