Austin Air FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have used these air purifiers since the mid-1990s, and are impressed. When the skies turned eerily orange in the 2020 wildfires period in California, running 24/7 our Austin Air purifier kept the putred air quite clear. When we decided to sell them, we researched even further, finding little that even compares with the  company’s credentials and the ongoing clinical tests, done by the military, hospitals and universities— of note, without the involvement of the company. We also found very little which like the Austin Air, is officially certified to adsorb 0.1 micron particle sizes, or the very long list of pollutants and microbial life removed at high levels  by the Austin Air. We are excited about the very large 60 sq ft of medical grade HEPA filter with fans drawing air from the bottom to the top of the filter. This detail is important, as it assures very deep purifying. Over 780 cubic inches of pollution-adsorbing, activated carbon blended with zeolite is super heavy-duty, on an industry-wide scale. How many purifiers require filter changes under ordinary circumstances, only once every five years? This is unprecedented, and saves a lot of money! Can you even imagine an air purifier company that stands behind its promise, that the unit can be run 24/7 for five years, with the fan on its highest speed? That speaks ten miles about the quality! Being designed for chemically sensitive individuals, says it all.

Got wildfire smoke or other extraordinary conditions? We honestly think that the Austin Air is the best choice, for all of the reasons above!

What is more important to invest in, than our health?

After our own personal use since the mid 1990s, we are "sold" on Austin Air. Advised that offering selection of other brands would be wise, we are not even interested in that, as we want to truly carry the best.  It's based on our own life experience, that we hold very high standards! We are sure you will enjoy the Austin Air purifier, and wish you the very best!

Click here to download a quick and easy PDF comparison chart of all the options.

All filters are conveniently designed to be interchanged with the unit, at any time you purchase a new one. Please note that due to unprecedented demand during the coronavirus interval, colors are in sandstone and black only. Thank you.

Feel free to click on any of the hyperlinked models below and see the Technical Specifications, if you wish to compare the filters in detail. The Healthmate was the first Austin Air product, designed for chemically sensitive individuals. The other models are variations on the theme of the Healthmate.

All certifications are based on 8 foot high ceilings, with four air changes per hour. If you have ten foot high ceilings, there may be fewer air changes per hour, but the Austin Air will still filter that air space. If you have ceilings twelve feet high or higher, we recommend extra Austin Air purifiers.

In the USA.

Made from non-offgassing powder-coated steel. With steel eyelet openings on all sides, the unit draws the air in from all 360 degrees. The highly efficient fans, circulate and clean the air in a 1500 square foot space,  with four air changes every hour, assuming eight foot high ceilings. Ten foot high ceilings will circulate the air a bit more slowly per hour. For twelve foot or higher ceilings we recommend extra Austin Air purifiers. 

With normal home use, only once every five years! With heavy use or extra contaminants, approximately once every three years. If you live in wildfire-affected areas, filter changes may need to be more "frequent", anywhere from once every three or four years, up to once per year, depending on the air contamination level.

Imagine having to change a filter once per month or every few months! Save your money! Improve the air quality by a long stretch with the lab-tested Austin Air filter, purifying a long list of air contaminants and microbes from the air at high levels! It’s a win-win.

Because of the giant medical-grade HEPA filter which weighs 15 lbs and contains 60 square feet of filter space! That is an awful lot of surface space of medical-grade HEPA, plus over 780 cubic inches of activated carbon and zeolite, to adsorb chemicals, VOCs, mold, smoke, dust, dander, pollens, metals, microbes, bacteria, and viruses down to 0.1 microns in diameter. See below about the coronavirus. The very fine particle size for which Austin Air is certified surpasses most other products industry-wide.

When you smell a sweet, sour, or unsavory odor, or when the airflow is reduced. It is very important to change your filter in a timely manner, for the best health results.

The short answer here is, thanks to its very fine HEPA filter pore size! The coronavirus measures 0.125 microns in diameter, whereas the pore size in the HEPA filter on the Austin Air units, measure 0.1 microns in diameter. Being very light, nanoparticulates sized 0.001 to 0.1 microns zig-zag through the air,  becoming trapped on HEPA filters. Austin Air adds even more protection, layering military grade carbon cloth with the HEPA filter, which traps the virus.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the coronavirus can only live for a limited time outside of the body, depending on which surfaces it contacts, and it dies within a day when contained by fabrics.  WebMD agrees that based on scientific studies, the virus does not live long on fabrics (Austin Air does cutting-edge research!)

Please note that keeping the outer surface of the steel unit clean, and washing hands routinely during the day, are important to protect from the coronavirus.

Please see more coronavirus info below.

If you are concerned about pollutants plus the coronavirus combined, we recommend the Bedroom Machine. For containing the coronavirus, Austin Air recommends the Allergy Machine. Both machines contain the HEPA filter adsorbing the coronavirus , plus  an added layer of protection from military-grade HEGA carbon cloth, which traps the virus, where it dies. (WebMD and the Cleveland Medical Clinic both agree about the short life of the coronavirus on fabrics).

Please note: All certifications are based on 8 foot high ceilings, with four air changes per hour. If you have ten foot high ceilings, there may be fewer air changes per hour, but the Austin Air will still filter that air space. If you have ceilings twelve feet high or higher, we recommend extra Austin Air purifiers.

The Air Capacity Index Chart of the list of 3,000+ contaminants filtered by these wonderful air purifiers ranks it at #4, the highest level reduced. We used our Austin Air purifier when the skies turned eerily orange during the California Wildfires period of 2020, and found that it kept the air in our home quite clear. 

The Healthmate Plus is recommended for smoke, wildfires, and heavy levels of air contaminants associated with those fires, or wherever heavy air contamination is of particular concern.

Remember, Austin Air stands behind its promise that the units can be run 24/7 for five years, with the fan at its highest setting.  Not only is this unprecedented industry-wide, it stands out with regard to its helpfulness for wildfire smoke. Plus, the fans draw the air through the giant filters from the bottom to the top, which assures very deep filtering.

In the Healthmate Plus, the addition of potassium iodide impregnated in the 780 cubic inches of carbon-zeolite blend, renders this excellent filter all the more efficient in purifying formaldehyde and VOCs, important during the wildfire periods, which often are chemically saturated urban area fires.

Yes, at the #3 level (See Air Index Capacity Chart), the second-highest or satisfactory level, wherein a filter adsorbs 10-25% of the filter’s weight in mycotoxins, averaging about 16.7%.

All Austin Air models work well for mold, but of particular note, the Bedroom Machine offers extra protection, thanks to its military-grade HEGA cloth inside the HEPA filter.

Please note that for health and wellbeing, household mold requires remediation from a professional, while remedying any leaks or other sources of excess moisture. It is important to know that mold spores, according to the EPA, may not always be visible to the naked eye. It must be seen with a microscope and laboratory tested. Read more about mold here and here.

The beauty of these very well-designed air purifiers is that they do not off-gas or emit ozone and other emissions causing harmful oxidation. Being made of steel with a powder-coated paint that is baked on, this virtually eliminates all vapors and emissions. In fact, the Healthmate, prized for its ability to remove a very long list of chemicals and contaminants at impressively high levels, is designed for chemically sensitive individuals. We recommend the Healthmate or in particular the Healthmate Plus for chemically sensitive people.

The Healthmate contains a True Medical HEPA filter encased in a carbon-zeolite mixture, weighing 15 lbs and containing 60 square feet of the filter.

The Healthmate Plus has the added benefit of impregnation with potassium iodide. This increases its efficiency to adsorb smoke from wildfires, ammonia and formaldehyde (a known carcinogen often found in furniture, cabinetry, upholstery, drapery, plywood, and many common building materials), benzines, gases, VOC’s, airborne fine metal particulates, and other contaminants at an even higher level than the Healthmate.

However, the Healthmate, as the original Austin Air model, has been used successfully since the company’s founding in 1990, by many chemically sensitive individuals.

One month, no questions asked, redeemable for our direct customers via Crystalline Home Environment. Austin Air is generous, offering a pro-rated 5-year warranty for filters and 5-years for the Unit itself.

Due to the coronavirus, currently, Austin Air and Crystalline Home Environment can not accept returned air filters. Thank you for your kind understanding.

To activate your warranty, please register your filters and units on the company’s website when received.

Read further details if you wish:

We have found that they last a long time and that the need for replacement of the unit within the five-year warranty period, is rare. Austin Air even stands behind their promise that the unit can be run 24/7 for five years with the fan on its highest kidding! However, if you live in fire-stricken areas or with high air pollution levels, the filters themselves may need changing a bit more "frequently" than the stunning five years (unprecedented industry-wide!) In that case, you may need to change the filters every three years or up to once per year in extraordinary conditions such as wildfire smoke, depending on air conditions and frequency of use. This by far surpasses most other filters, industry-wide.

At the lowest setting, the 3-speed fan is indeed, very quiet, like a whisper at 48 decibels. At the very highest of its three settings, by definition, its 66 decibels have a bit more sound, but it is still quieter than many other air purifiers. The medium speed setting has 60 decibels. We recommend running it on high for the first hour, thereafter turning it down to the whisper-quiet low setting, for maintaining the clean air.

These air purifiers cost very little to run, even on a yearly basis when used 24 hours per day, seven days per week, on the highest fan setting. Rates may vary, please check with your utility company. The watts per hour, are 140 for the fan’s highest setting, 83 at medium speed, and 56 for the lowest air circulation by the Austin Air fans.

Yes, making them easy and convenient to roll from room to room.

The Austin Air plugs readily into any ordinary electric plug outlet. And the filters can be interchanged with the unit you purchase, so there is no need to buy a new unit. Just purchase the new and upgraded filter, install it into the purifier, and voila! You are ready to go with one of the world's best filters (we honestly believe that!) With its four-way air filtering system, thanks to sturdy steel eyelet openings on its exterior, it filters the air from multiples of directions. Make sure the Austin Air filter is at least six inches away from the wall, bookshelves, or other obstructions, for optimum performance. Better yet is to center it in the room.

Orders placed with us will  be shipped within 24 business hours, Monday through Friday until 5pm PST.

For large bulk orders, with coronavirus considerations in mind, orders will be shipped as soon as humanly possible, but please allow extra time. We are fortunate to work with so good a manufacturer as Austin Air, which stepped up its production and its staffing, to accommodate the extra high demand.

However, the company has at various intervals, been backlogged with exponentially increased orders during this unprecedented time. During such times, large bulk order shipping may be delayed by as much as two or three weeks. Thank you for your patience.

A) Based on sales, we will donate one high-end air purifier to a nonprofit organization, specially earmarked for people in need during the California fire periods. We have a life philosophy of doing good in the world, including and especially in business, and we genuinely want to help people. B) We are honest people, only selling what we personally believe in, and can’t sell anything that we don’t believe in. We are consultants, not just salespeople. C) We network with other green businesses, in a philosophy supportive of each others’ cause. D) We are personally passionate about reducing chemical exposure, write blogs on our website to offer proactive tips for the environment, green home environment, and healthy garden soils, all alike. The books which we sell, underscore this cause and will be given as a bonus, especially to schools where the knowledge can spread widely. Thank you for supporting our cause and that of the environment, and here is a toast to your own good health!

With cheers and best wishes!

–The owners of Crystalline Home Environment.