Why purchase products to purify?

Why purchase products to purify the air and water in your home?

Why buy books about how to reduce toxic exposure in your home and garden?

Because we believe that home needs to be an environmentally healthy, wholesome, and peaceful sanctuary. The word “wholesome” refers to a process of healthful living. Living in a healthful process, we contribute to our own personal good, and to environmental wellbeing. This is something we all can feel very good about!

Whoever would think of indoor air as the first source of air pollution? According to the EPA, because of offgassing building materials, combustion from heaters and cookstoves, and VOCs mingling with many other contributors, indoor air is anywhere from two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Yet, outdoor air pollution certainly does find its way indoors:

Nanoparticulates and fine particles (from industrial pollution, exhaust fumes, construction sources, fires, and more), are very light and easily wind-blown, and may travel by wind for long distances, even several hundred miles, according to the Health Department of New York State:  Living close by may mean more concentrated exposure, however, people living far away from cities may also be exposed to wind-blown industrial pollutants. Case in point: During the California fires in 2020, ash and pollutants traveled through the air for thousands of miles, even overseas. How does one prevent tiny airborne particulates from entering the home? Unless you live in a plastic bubble, they will be in the air...period. The finer the particles, the more deeply they penetrate inside the body, causing greater health impacts, according to Air Tests Mattests laboratory, adding that this is "commonly recognized". Exhaust fumes are in the most rural areas, and airplanes fly over Greenland. Fire-based pollutants contain airborne particles of melted asphalt, rubber tires, metals, PVCs, PCBs, gas tank explosions, and much more, a sadly but richly carcinogenic brew that ends up in our air, while toxic ashes settle into our waters and on our land.  With these particulates being as fine as they are, plus offgassing building materials, VOC's and given the coronavirus, high-quality purification becomes very important. We are motivated by genuine concern.

Nature is truly an imaginative artist! Waters were created as crystalline, the air as pure, and the earth sweet and rich. The stars are an ever-luminous canopy of peace and clear beauty.

Nowadays, regrettably, we live in a chemically based society. Perhaps our bodies were not designed for the daily chemical onslaughts we encounter in our industrialized society:

Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is used in plywood and other home building materials, offgassing into the indoor air, as do flame retardants used in mattresses, furniture and drapery.  Consider also Recreational Vehicles, which can be rife with such materials. It is commonly recognized that lead from exhaust fumes, banned in 1996, lingers in the soil longterm: Removing our shoes when entering the home  is a wise health practice. Drinking water contaminants (sometimes even containing MTBE, pharmaceutical drugs, agricultural runoff, more), petroleum products,  painting materials, VOC's, pesticides, glyphosate sprayed on GMO plants, exhaust fumes, computer emissions, household cleaners, cosmetics, and many more chemicals are part of our daily exposures. These are found in the earth, water, and air in our homes, while clinging to household dust. The National Institutes of Health and its division of National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has been cataloguing, studying and writing with  concern that there may, in certain cases, be serious health triggers from chemical exposure. The Environmental Working Group, ditto. And recent studies at the University of California at Berkeley found that even very low levels of chemicals, when mixed together, had more noxious impacts than one chemical alone at a higher level of exposure.

Let us honestly consider: Is our chemically based society, benefiting the greater whole? We are motivated by genuine concern.

Every year in the USA, 300 new and untested chemicals are released into the environment! (*See footnote below.) No wonder then, that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Commonweal tested and found over 287 chemicals in placental cord blood, circulating to the fetus in ways previously thought not to happen.

Marine life, and birds, have been tested and found to have a high amount of pesticides stored in their bodies, with those higher on the food chain (which we may eat) containing higher amounts.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the year 2019 alone, after chemical releases to our environment dropped by 9%, we still had 3.4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals and metals released into our environment.

In a polluted society, to weed out all chemical exposure altogether, may not be possible. Yet, we also do believe that there is a great deal that we can do. The fewer the environmental triggers, the better for our wholesome way of life, and for the environment. This is why, at Crystalline Home Environment, we are genuinely passionate about helping people to reduce chemical exposure. We seek out top quality products, selected for their lab-tested ability to reduce a very long list of chemicals, in great numbers and also, very importantly, in impressive percentages. The challenge is to offer the best, yet whatever is also economical. We genuinely want you to have very good quality, and we genuinely do wish to help. Please also see our About Page, regarding our policy of giving as we go, donating 1% of our sold Austin Air purifiers to California nonprofits that in turn, will donate to a family or individual in need, in fire-prone California. Thank you for your patronage and for your concern about the environment and wellbeing.

*Footnote:  Hobbs, Christopher LAc Ph.D.: Natural Therapy for Your Liver